The UGHIMPROM company offers supplies of rutile titanium dioxide for paint and varnish, polymer and other industries.


Titanium dioxide TiOx 230

White pigment grade with high brightness, intended for wide use in the production of paint and varnish materials based on organic solvents and water. The pigment is treated with silicon oxide, aluminum hydroxide and organic surface modifier.
Possesses good lightfastness and weather resistance, which ensures long-term gloss retention of coatings when exposed to weather.


Titanium dioxide TiOx 280

White pigment with high brightness, intended for wide use in the production of varnishes and paints based on organic solvents and water. To increase lightfastness and weather resistance, the pigment is treated with zirconium and aluminum hydroxides, and also treated with a special organic surface modifier to improve dispersibility in various dispersion systems.
Coatings based on it are less prone to chalking and retain their gloss for a long time.


Titanium dioxide R2295

Rutile titanium dioxide, surface treated with organic and inorganic components. It has high whiteness, hiding power and excellent particle distribution.
Titanium dioxide DAWN R-2295 is used as a white pigment in the manufacture of PVC products, in the paper industry and in the production of masterbatches.


Titanium Dioxide BILLIONS ® BLR-895

High-quality titanium dioxide pigment, made by the chloride method. It is recommended for a wide range of coatings.
It has excellent dispersing properties, disperses quickly and easily. Due to the surface coating, the pigment provides a high level of weather resistance.

SPECIFICATION TiOx 230 TiOx 280 R2295 R895
TiO2,% not less 92 92 93 93
Rutile content,%, not less 98 98 97 97
Mass fraction of volatile substances,%, no more 0,2 0,2 0,5 0,5
Mass fraction of water-soluble substances,%, no more 0,2 0,1 0,2 0,2
PH of aqueous suspension 6,5-8,0 6,5-8,0 6,0-9,0 6,5-8,0
Sieve residue with mesh 0045,%, no more 0,005 0,005 0,01 0,01
Whitening ability, conventional units, not less: 2060 2100 1800 2000
Covering rate, g / m2, no more 25 25 25 24
Dispersibility, μm, no more 12 11 12 11
Whiteness, conventional units, not less 97,2 97,1 97,2 98,5


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