Test pigment Titanium Pigments T220+ in producing PVC panels.

Technologists of the company UGHIMPROM together with the manufacturer of polymer products were tested pigment of rutile form Titanium Pigments T220+ in the production of PVC panels.

Challenge testing: identifying opportunities replacement of titanium dioxide Crimea Tiox 230 brand for a pigment of rutile form Titanium Pigments T220+.

At the production facilities of one of our partners, tests of the new product Titanium Pigments T220+ were conducted and proved their importance, in order to replace the titanium dioxide of the Tiox 230.

Test pigment Titanium Pigments T220+

The photos clearly show that the product Titanium Pigments T220+ not only replaces, but also exceeds the analog, and with the obvious difference in cost has an advantage in some cases.

  1. The transition to the pigment Titanium Pigments T220+ does not require the restructuring of production under new formulations or long adjustment modes.
  2. The obvious reduction in the cost of the mixture and reduce the cost of the product.
  3. Pigment of rutile form Titanium Pigments allows achieving the efficiency of the process due to the stability of quality from batch to batch.
  4. The management of the company, which was tested, decided to transfer all lines to pigment Titanium Pigments T220+.

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