About Us

About us

YUGHIMPROM is an international chemical company with extensive experience in the field of chemical products. Our activities are based on the accumulated experience of cooperation with manufacturers of paint materials and PVC products, as well as scientific and technical research.

Group of companies of YUGHIMPROM was formed as a result of timely response to the internal demands of the market of chemical raw materials. The company cooperates closely with the manufacturers of Kazakhstan, Belarus and other CIS countries. More than 20 large and small manufacturers of lacquers and paints, heat-insulating coatings, PVC panels, siding, PVC-profile, PVC-fabrics, plastic materials work with us..

Purposes and Objectives

Since its formation the company has set a goal: using new technologies to produce a wide range of high-quality chemical products on an industrial scale, which would enable manufacturers to replace titanium dioxide without losing the quality of the final product, with the possibility to reduce production costs, as well as ensuring its further support in the interests of the final consumer.

This mission of the company has found its conceptual embodiment in the formation of a complex of services that allows to implement the scheme of service of its partners on a "turn-key basis", from the moment of production of the original product with the optimal consumer characteristics to the introduction till the production line.

Production capabilities, technological schemes and human capacity of the company allow to implement a worthy competitive position in practical terms.

Service and warranty


The company YUGHIMPROM has gathered a team of professionals who love their work and know how to do it well. We guarantee the fulfillment of our obligations under the reached agreements, and our customers confirm this.

We act on the customer centricity principle. The company is always ready to meet and provide the best conditions for concluding a deal. Cooperation with us will benefit each client.

Our main difference from others is the supply of scarce goods and their availability in the warehouse.

Benefits of cooperation

The company YUKHIMPROM offers the following advantages:

  • only quality products from the manufacturer with no middlemen;
  • delivery to anywhere in Russia just in time established in the contract;
  • the choice of the method of delivery and payment;
  • low prices and loyal price policy;
  • the possibility to choose different types of packaging;
  • careful attitude and individual approach to each client.

As the productivity of Titanium's white pigment grows, our commitment to improving the methods of cooperation with the customers is a natural result of our success.

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